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We know that life has its struggles and we believe that sending money should not be one of them.

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NoirBlanco® Fees: 2.5% capped at NGN 3000


The real deal. No hidden fees.

We track the currency conversion market every second of the day so we’re confident in the knowledge that when you want to send money abroad, the rate we offer you is actually the best that exists.


Wondering why you should choose us? Here's why.

Secure System

We ask you to give us access to your money – we know that is a lot of trust to demand on first meeting, however we won’t ask if we didn’t know we had the best technology in the world to protect you and your money.

Schedulable Transfers

We can’t give you an assistant, but we can offer the next best thing. Schedule a transfer and we’ll do it for you as often as you want.

Quick Transfers

Transfer to someone often? Do it once then save it, so all you need to do every other time is click a button once.

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